Join the LP NIL Engine

Our service hunts down NIL deal postings and sponsorship opportunities for athletes and delivers them every week to their email for them to apply to. We also help artists promote their music through NIL deals with athletes on social media. Artists can choose from our subscribed athletes  that apply to be apart of their social media music promotion.  To find out more please reach out to us through our email lpsportmanagement@gmail.com or through our instagram @lpsmanagement 

Results from our service 

We have worked with two division 1 athletes (Chardonnay Hartley Niagara WBB and  Stephen Byard Alcorn State MBB) who have signed their first NIL deals each within 24 hours of signing up with  our service. We have also provided 7 other athletes that have joined our service access to other NIL deal opportunities.  Recently we worked with four clients from Hillcrest Prep and got all three their first NIL deals in 24 hours, as well as a division 2 HBCU player who also got his first NIL deal in 24 hours. 

We have worked with two Artists ( BT and $iah) who have each gotten their music promoted by division 1 athletes on their social medias and have received exposure as well as a boost in their plays. 

We care about our clients

Recently we were able to protect one of our clients from an overseas scam. We conducted an extensive investigation and found that the fake scout was impersonating a real agent. We were able to save our client and also reach out to the real owner of the  team  that the impersonator was faking an opportunity for. 

NIL Certified 

Front office sports NIL certified